I’m a designer that works with and for people.

You are likely going to see me spending as much time on my computer as you’ll see me facilitating conversations with my design team, developers, clients, users, and everyone needed to make a project succeed. I’m not the type of designer who just wants to put on headphones and draw a sleek UI to upload a thumbnail on Dribbble.

My definition of “clean design” goes beyond what’s aesthetically pleasing. Good design solves problems, is usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible without the need of adaptation. It doesn’t require engineers to do somersaults to implement it, nor does it take 2 years to do so.

I like to understand what and why we’re building something and I champion evidence-based design decisions. If we don’t have the answers to those basic questions, I don’t commit to work on something until we do. The good news is that I can help research and define that, we can start from there.

I’m currently a product design lead at PNI Media, creating frameworks and processes that help designers do their best work. Here are the four key areas I’ve worked on for the last few years. You can find brief summaries for each here, but unfortunately I can’t spill the whole tea.

Photo and Business Printing