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Falcon was PNI’s first shipping solution, it allows retail stores to offer shipping and drop-off services to their customers. It is a multi-carrier solution that provides customers the best rate available for their shipping needs.

Screenshot of a webpage used to enter the address information of the person sending out a package to be delivered.Fragment of a hi-fidelity wireframe for Falcon.

As a designer, I was in charge of designing the first version of Falcon, which focused on domestic shipping and streamlined the process of entering shipments’ data (addresses, weight, contents, etc.), selecting a carrier, choosing a rate, creating the shipping label, and manifesting it so carrier drivers can pick up packages from the stores.

After launching the first version, I conducted a mix of contextual inquiry and cognitive walkthrough methodologies with store associates. By observing them using Falcon in their own environment, I was able to see which parts were working and which ones needed to be improved in future releases.

Photo of a computer inside a retail store displaying Falcon, an application that is used to create and process the shipment of packages.Falcon is used in all Staples stores in the US that offer shipping and drop-off services.

Since the application was published, I transitioned to a lead role where I was able to oversee the work done for Raven, the customer-facing mobile application that allows customers to create their own shipping labels, as well as the introduction of international shipping services for both Falcon and Raven.