This is the first post I write about UX design, and I thought that I should use it to talk a little bit about how I started to become interested in UX. 

I recently remembered that the first wireframes I ever drew were for my mom, who is a declared enemy of all computers and printers in this world. I don't know how she does it, but she is an expert at breaking tech things- both software and hardware.

My mom didn't need to use the computer for most of her life, and for years I was her best tech gadget. She would just tell me what she wanted and I would do it for her.

Until one day she decided to go back to school, and her computer skills really needed to get better asap if I wanted to get any of my own homework done. And that's why I started drawing wireframes for her. 

I had to think of the shortest and simplest ways for her to interact with the computer. I used to write each scenario in one page, and labeled them with very simple sentences like: Turn on computer, write document, print, save file, turn off computer, etc.

My wireframes were really a combination of drawings and user stories. I would write steps for her to follow accompanied with iconography, dialogs, buttons, and windows so she could locate them on the screen. 

Now, as UX designer, I sometimes still think of my mom as one of the personas I design for-- Would she be able to use this by herself? or would she be calling me frustrated every 5 minutes? 

And that is probably how I started to become interested in UX, wishing that software were easier for her so in a way my life could get easier too.

Her relationship with computers has made build better empathy skills- it made me aware that above all, people that will use the product I design should be a priority, and to never take them for granted.


AuthorDaniela Pichardo