Wow! we finally published our book!

Mark, Matt and I put together a print edition of the most popular posts from the past year in Everybody has a brain, as well as a bunch of long-form essays and interviews with people who have real brains and real mental health!

You can get it from a print-on-demand service for $23.60 here:: We’re donating $5 from every purchase to the awesome mental health charity Coast Mental Health.

We don’t make any profit from the sales, it’s just expensive to do print-on-demand. But, because we’re all about making mental health more accessible and money is one of the biggest barriers we like to remove, you can also view and download a FREE pdf of The Brainly at this link: Download The Brainly for free And then you can just go and donate to Coast Mental Health on your own. 

A big thank-you to everyone who participated in writing essays, doing interviews, giving us feedback,  going to meetings, drawing, and designing this! 

AuthorDaniela Pichardo