Pug Pharm's website

UX and UI Designer

Since I started working at Pug Pharm, I wanted to create a website that reflected some of the principles that we use in the products we build to set us apart from our main competitors and their "badging" solutions. 

When people talk about gamification, they immediately think of badges and points, and I wanted to change that mindset in our visitors' eyes and help them look pass that to discover what other game mechanics can do for their products or services.

In the desktop version of this website, you can play a minigame while you learn about our company and the features of Picnic. Using the keyboard, you can help Pugsy collect all his toys—and as you do that, you start revealing letters of a secret message.

When you finish collecting all the toys, you are rewarded with a funny video featuring pugs.


I created the website's user experience and interface design, and I also produced all art assets and animations from concepts to final art.