The project: Man Up Canada


My role: Project Manager/Designer

The Men's Health Initiative of B.C. wanted to increase awareness on healthy behavior in men from 18-35 years.
"Healthy is the new badass" tried to equate masculinity with a healthy behavior.
We produced six game-influenced videos that used humour to encourage men to reflect on their lifestyle decisions.

Our challenge was to create a campaign that contained valuable information but still was engaging and short to be shared across social media.

Along with the videos, we produced a website to host the content and to drive traffic to the Men's Health Initiative website.

During this MDM project I had to coordinate my team's tasks and set milestones for the production of these videos and the website. As a designer in the team I also created some of the art assets that you see in the website, including the logo.

You can see our final delivery here:

 [September 2010-December 2010]


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