House Taken Over

UX and UI Designer

House Taken Over was developed for a Visual Story Masters' course at the CDM. With this interactive narrative experience, users can read Julio Cortázar's story and then design their own floor plan based on the description of the house where it takes place.

Users can arrange the floor plan by moving around the rooms in the house, and they can also build their own understanding of the narrative by playing with the order of the events the story tells. 


The central question of this story evolves around finding what it is that's taking over this house.  Our objective with this experience was to provide readers with a tool that will spark their imagination and intrigue to find out what that is. 

My friend Jeunessa Cheng and I made this in two weeks with Flash and Illustrator.

I wanted to make an interactive narrative for it because I'm a huge fan of this Cortázar's short story. I visualized the experience as a combination of  the suspense of the story with a style inspired in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and  a ''sticker'' look.

Once I found the look I wanted, we produced the art assets and kept my vision throughout the project. It was part of my tasks to keep my art and Jeunessa's consistent, so it wouldn't look like two different styles.

Enjoy the interactive experience:


Note: Built in Flash, not suitable for mobile devices.