Motivating new moms and busy women to work out from home

Fitaborate is an online platform that allows people to exercise from home. It offers a catalog of fitness videos and live trainer sessions while adding a social element. Fitaborate allows users to invite their friends to join them in a video workout or a live session with certified trainers.

We had a really interesting challenge to tackle. As part of their initial release strategy, Fitaborate wanted to create an experience for women who had just become mothers and wanted to begin exercising from home. This was also for busy women who want to workout online without missing on the social experience of attending a session.

Our primary focus was to create a fun experience that allowed users to choose their right level. They can find tailored recommended videos and sessions based on that level, and start building a profile that motivates them to continue working out over time.

Our insights

We defined a few key points about the users to understand their needs:

  • She is task-oriented
  • She enjoys time management activities or games
  • She likes short & sweet rewards
  • She might be transitioning into motherhood
  • She likes activities that can be paused
  • She doesn’t like to be pressured or judged
  • She is more inclined towards collaboration rather than competition
  • She seeks for support in small communities or groups of friends
User Persona

User Persona

Early sketch

Early sketch


My main vision for the onboarding was to make it short, non-judgemental, and end with a clear path to begin your experience with the right workouts. 

Instead of giving the standard options of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, we wanted to offer a more flexible approach. Fitting users into those three boxes, might feel too constrained when not everyone begins at level 0 and even users within a same level can have different objectives.

This is why we designed the onboarding to show options that were more descriptive about both the frequency and intensity of the workouts available.

Left: Wireframe delivered to Fitaborate. Right: Current implementation.

Left: Wireframe delivered to Fitaborate.
Right: Current implementation.

At the end of the onboarding, the combination of a user’s answers delivers a program especially tailored to her level and objectives.

For example, a user who was restarting to exercise and whose goal was just to show up as much as possible, landed on a program called ‘Back to Basics’. This program was curated with a series of missions that motivated her to work out frequently, to book her first session with a trainer, and to start logging minutes.

This way, the user ends the onboarding with clear calls to action that help her get started.

Onboarding wireframe, program recommended for users.

Onboarding wireframe, program recommended for users.



It is really important that users feel like they are evolving or transforming themselves. We wanted to create a levelling system that had a narrative of its own and was strongly linked to a person’s profile.

Wireframe detail using  the Blerch

Wireframe detail using the Blerch

I was inspired by Matthew Imman’s Blerch character as the perfect example for this. Matthew has described extensively how this imaginary version of himself motivates him to be a long-distance runner.  

To appeal to the users, we used the concept of the Blerch but we made it more nurturing. We designed the profile to have a character or an avatar that could grow or be transformed itself into a better self as the user progressed.  We also added the possibility to win virtual items for the character after completing sessions or missions. Users see their progress by looking at a visually appealing space that they can expand as they becomes more active. 


Personal milestones and achievements provide a way to measure progress and success. Users can enroll in different programs that require combinations of  different tasks and objectives.

When users complete these goals, they are rewarded with the standard achievements and trophies that most fitness apps and products have. However, we also wanted to reward people with premium content, like exclusive trainer videos, a free live session, etc.  – this provided Fitaborate with a great opportunity to promote their premium content and features.

Goals wireframe

Goals wireframe



Given that our target users are more inclined to be collaborative than competitive, we designed community milestones that motivated users to interact with others as well as to fell part of something bigger than themselves.

In a community challenge, users collaborate with a group of people to reach a collective goal that will benefit everyone who contributes. No rankings or places take part in this milestone, the objective is to reach the challenge as a group.

This feature also opens up the possibility to introduce charity events or sponsored activities.

Community challenges wireframe

Community challenges wireframe


Fitaborate decided to implement the onboarding and the initial curated programs first to introduce gameplay elements to their users and test it. We put the rest of the features on the back-burner while their team focuses on different priorities as they consolidate their own platform.


Client: Emaginal.

Project type: Gameplay, onboarding, and UX/UI design.

Target Devices: Web, desktop.