Everybody has a brain

Co-founder, writer and designer

Mark invited Matt and I to build a brand that creates opportunities for dialogue around mental health.

We started by creating a site on Tumblr where we all post on a weekly theme or question, and we open up the site to submissions from anyone who wants to share a story. 

We share art and stories that break down the stigma around openly discussing mental health issues because it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s nothing to feel alone and isolated about.

Working on this personal project has been incredibly rewarding and a path of keeping myself healthy and happy. 

Recently, we embarked on making a book with our favourite stories and posts from the site, and we added some new content, including interviews with amazing people.

The book is available from a print-on-demand service here. We’re donating $5 from every purchase to the awesome mental health charity
Coast Mental Health.

We don’t make any profit from the sales, it’s just expensive to do print-on-demand. But, because we’re all about making mental health more accessible and money is one of the biggest barriers we like to remove, you can also view and download a FREE pdf of The Brainly at this link: Download The Brainly for free and then you can just go and donate to Coast Mental Health on your own.  

[February 2012 - Present]